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Girlfriends’ Cull Shorts now available for mail order!

Bet you thought Cake Time zine issue #1 was CAKE-01, huh? Nah, that’d be way too easy. See, Cake Time zine issue #1 was actually CAKE-00, and CAKE-01 belongs to none other than now-pre-Bent-Shapes group Girlfriends. Got it?

Cull Shorts

Girlfriends’ final release is a compact disc compiling the band’s output from 2009-2011, with nearly all the songs from the early cassette, vinyl 7”s, and digital single, plus a new recording of “Slugger”. 

Cull Shorts can be ordered through the Girlfriends Bandcamp page for $5, which covers the CD and an immediate digital download of the album. If you want to be a real completist, you can then download the original version of "Slugger" and "Good To Be True" for free (these are the only two recordings not on Cull Shorts). Killer.

Mail order options for the new Bent Shapes flexi coming soon!