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News and Reviews in the Hassle

You may have noticed the reviews component of Cake Time dropping off in recent weeks, but I promise it’s for a good reason: I (Ben) am going to be contributing a lot more to Boston’s best source for info on underground sounds, The Boston Hassle!

As I’m sure you know, my brother Sam founded the Hassle, an enterprise which brings our fair city the freshest streams, videos, release info, show listings, etc both online and in paper form with the monthly freak scene paper, the Counter Cultural Compass. I’m really pumped to be supporting Sam, Dan, Kristen, and the rest of the team as they continue to build what has already become a major cornerstone in the current Boston music community.

So, Cake Time won’t be focused on reviews, with any write-ups on the blog aimed primarily at non-region-or-time-specific releases: weird one-off singles, 12” remix tracks, and the like, found while crate-digging or ordered during online shopping sprees through Discogs and Gemm.

In the meantime, check out my most recent piece, on the excellent White Pages single out now on La Parca.

rats revenge pt 3: 9/15 is Punk Rock Movie Night #1 @ WSAC! →


A month or so ago I was remembering how much fun the pre-Ladyfest Boston Le Tigre documentary screening at Washington Street Art Center was, and thinking about how much I wanted to watch Shield Around the K, Suburbia, The Power of Salad and Milkshakes, the Devo and Jesus & Mary Chain video…

TOMORROW @ WWTA: Bent Shapes/Slow Animal/Earthquake Party/Fat Creeps ALL AGES $5

We first heard Slow Animal last year, at a Cake Shop showcase for the excellent Dance Magic Dance DJ crew from the UK. They were loud, and rode a dank wave of reverb while maintaining a hiiigh level of energy. I bought their 7” single, and when they told me they were coming to Boston, I knew what must be done.

Cake Time have teamed up with good friend SippyCupEverything to bring you a night of fuzzy pop bliss. TOMORROW:

1. Relatively new up-and-comers Fat Creeps kick things off, flexing serious hooks like those found in their latest tune, “Leave Her Alone”.

2. Our buds, the fiery and unabashedly noisy rippers of Earthquake Party, will then proceed to destroy.

3. Aforementioned Jersey devils Slow Animal will bring their soaked and dosed hustle/grind pop show to the king of DIY spaces for Boston’s enjoyment.

4. Bent Shapes will present you with 6-9 Love Songs, a concept set loosely based on bath salts and #YOLO. Fuck right off!

Furious nerdz, don’t miss it!

7pm start time (space has got a curfew, kids). $5, all-ages, punk-stylee.

Girlfriends’ Cull Shorts now available for mail order!

Bet you thought Cake Time zine issue #1 was CAKE-01, huh? Nah, that’d be way too easy. See, Cake Time zine issue #1 was actually CAKE-00, and CAKE-01 belongs to none other than now-pre-Bent-Shapes group Girlfriends. Got it?

Cull Shorts

Girlfriends’ final release is a compact disc compiling the band’s output from 2009-2011, with nearly all the songs from the early cassette, vinyl 7”s, and digital single, plus a new recording of “Slugger”. 

Cull Shorts can be ordered through the Girlfriends Bandcamp page for $5, which covers the CD and an immediate digital download of the album. If you want to be a real completist, you can then download the original version of "Slugger" and "Good To Be True" for free (these are the only two recordings not on Cull Shorts). Killer.

Mail order options for the new Bent Shapes flexi coming soon! 

Cake Time #2 out 5/30/12: Bent Shapes’ “Boys to Men” b/w “Brat Poison”

Cake Time #2 is out next week! A limited edition, translucent red 7” flexi record featuring two songs by Bent Shapes, it’ll be available starting 5/30/12 at the band’s first show, where they’ll play alongside Shepherdess and San Francisco’s Grass Widow. These things are pretty hard to photograph, but you can check out an example below:


Andy and Ben’s band Girlfriends nominated for Best Act in Boston

Ben is also nominated for Best Male Vocalist. The poll features a lot of Cake Time friends and contributers, including Creaturos, The Needy Visions, and Cuffs, among others. Check it out, if you have some time.


We found out yesterday that our band has been nominated for Best Act in the Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll, and that Ben was nominated for Best Male Vocalist. If you feel like voting, click the links in the preceding sentence and you can do so as often and as regularly as you’d like.

A lot of our friends are nominated as well: Quilt, Creaturos, Cuffs, Reports, The Needy Visions, Now Denial, Mean Creek, Get Laid, Amanda Dellevigne, and more—click around, go nuts!

Just in time for V-Day: Cake Time valentines

I whipped these up to hand out to my co-workers with some candy ‘cos nice cards are a couple bucks each and I kinda skipped out on the past few holidays. If you like them, feel free to download the PDF template and print/xerox yr own (just print page 2 on the back of page 1, cut into four, fold each one, and write in yr msg. Candy not included). With all the money you save on real valentines and flowers, you’ll no doubt want to toss a buck or two my way for the printing of Cake Time #2, so feel free to PayPal benpotrykus at gmail

3.3.12 Cake Time presents:NIGHT OF THE PLURAL NOUNS w/GIRLFRIENDS (post-jangle reinhardt)COUSINS (minimalist garage fr Halifax)CREATUROS (sike punk supagroup)at O’Brain’s Pub in Allston, MA8pm / $8 / 21+  

3.3.12 Cake Time presents:
GIRLFRIENDS (post-jangle reinhardt)
COUSINS (minimalist garage fr Halifax)
CREATUROS (sike punk supagroup)
at O’Brain’s Pub in Allston, MA
8pm / $8 / 21+  

Yale, MA sound kind of like Piebald’s Travis Shettel fronting Death From Above 1979 with a few extra players (possibly conscripted from The Icarus Line). Truth be told, it’s not my go-to steez, but watching the band rip through “Danger City, Population: Me” taped into hand-me-down protective gear while being bombarded with the remains of last nights kegger is undeniably fun. Helmets off to lead Yalie, Roger, for taking a mean hit for his team at the end there. Here’s to a swift recovery!


Yale, Massachusetts “Danger City, Population: Me”

This music video was shot just last night… ridiculously quick turnaround by FunTimeAmericaCorp aka Daniel Danger/Tiny Media Empire. That’s my christmas tree somewhere near the end there; knew I held onto it for a reason.

CUFFS - Privilege

It’s borderline criminal that I haven’t got around to writing a review of this single until now. First of all, for those who were wondering, CUFFS is the band that ties the previously-reviewed Four Eyes for my favorite contemporary Boston-area outfit. Technically hailing from Cambridge, the band is made up of a veritable who’s who of Northeastern indie popstars fronted by the inimitable Andrew Churchman, formerly of Pants Yell! He is joined by fellow ol’ Yell!er Casey Keenan on drums, guitarist Martin Pavlinic of Reports, and Big Troubles’ Ian Drennan. I’ve been a fan of these guys since Andrew’s solo demos of four tunes popped up on Bandcamp, and was stoked to see one of them, “Privilege,” end up as the A-side of their debut 7”. Where the initial version of this song swung easily through the verses, riding the pleasant, buzzy warmth of Andrew’s fourtrack, this recording (captured by Animal Hospital’s Kevin Micka) jumps and writhes. The sped-up rhythmic hits meet a treble-y lead that swaps arpeggios for strangled fuzz between earnest lyrics about the uncertain futures of youths attending upscale private schools and summering in Europe. It’s somewhat reassuring to hear the interlocking perma-solos going atonally AWOL over these lyrics to become the audible nod to the contradiction and ensuing frustration hinted at by the speaker. Some of the caterwauling riffage almost reminds me of later Pavement or Built to Spill at times. B-side “Archer” sees CUFFS laying down a driving intro that only lets up on the throttle for a couple laid-back verses. These highlight the neck-pickup jangle present in some of my favorite PY! tunes of old while also featuring some surfy Girls-esque treble guitar. The bass and drums really hold it down for Andrew’s signature softspoken vocals here, and it’s not too long before the layered, seat-of-your-pants leads pop in to wreak a little havoc between lyrics. CUFFS pickup the slack and run with it for a bookend outro, finishing up a terrific debut single in style. Grab this limited edition 7” with hand-screened covers at shows, via Ride the Snake’s website or from Slumberland while you can. CUFFS! (Ride the Snake, 2011)