Cake Time puts out records + zines. And is a zine. Called Cake Time. To navigate, click tags, or use the links/drop-down menu below!


Cake Time #1 1/2 is ready to go! Many thanks to Athena for cutting them down expertly and lovingly binding them as well.

#1 1/2 features all the drawings I’ve done since #1, plus a preview of This Ain’t No Picnic, an interview zine that’s been pretty slowww in the making.

I’ll have copies at Me and My Friends Make Art II at Washington Street Art Center in Somerville on July 12th (where I’ll have some art on the wall) and at 2x2: Distances at Lorem Ipsum in Cambridge on July 18th (where I’ll be reading a thing about working at a thrift store for five years). I’ll get a copy to the Papercut Zine Library ASAP, too, and have them on here for cheap!

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